Training Plan for Week of 8/10/20:

Alright back at it!  Only 196 days until Cross Country Season starts!  Let the countdown begin!!!!  At this point, we can practice together, and we will have more information to push out this week as we learn more.  Let us just stay together and be positive.  Make it about the run and the process.

Little increase this week.  Back to it!

Easy Run: 45 to 70 minutes.  This can be broken up into two runs. Make it easy with strides and Core following.

Tuesday: (Girls Night out at Village Green @ 7:00)
Workout: Progression run.  You can either do this with time or mileage.  A progression run simply means at intervals you pick up the pace without stopping.  The workout is 4 blocks of 5 minutes or 4 miles.  Each block you pick it up.  Try to go 15 to 30 seconds faster each block.  For instance, if doing 4 miles your first mile would be at 9:00 minute per mile pace, next mile 8:30, 8:00, 7:30, as an example.  10 to 20 minutes warmup and cool down too!

Wednesday: (Boys Night out at Village Green @ 7:00)
Morning: 20 to 40 minutes easy run, strides, Core.
Evening: 40 to 60 minutes easy run
Core and Strides- TIRED, Cross Train Today!

Team Workout, remember to show up a bit early for COVID PROTOCOL.  Going be a good one.

Day off!  Put those feet up.  We increased the intensity and the distance this week so be patient with yourself

Saturday/ Sunday:
Longest run or activity of the week.  Long Run this week 50 to 80 minutes.  This would be a good week to explore the mountains.  Long and slow.  Also, one day this weekend cross train or a 30 to 45 minutes easy run!