Training Plan for Week of 7/13/20:

Summer time!  This is the time where consistency pays off.  Just keep moving.  It doesn’t have to be


Tuesday: Girls Night Out @ 7:00

Wednesday: Boys Night Out @ Village Green

Thursday: Team Workout at 7:00 pm

Morning Run:  Double Day- Morning run easy 25 to 35 minutes then afternoon run of 40 to 50 minutes easy.  Work on good running form.  Strides and Core following.

Workout: Beyond race pace fartleks, while still not all out, taking the restrictor plate off just a little bit.  This is beyond race pace and can be done on the track as 600’s if you would like.  So after a good warm up of 10 to 20 minutes then 4 to 6 hard fartleks with 3 minutes easy between.  Two minutes on three minutes off the 10 to 20 minute cool down.

Morning: 20 to 40 minutes easy run, strides, Core.
Evening: 40 to 60 minute easy run
Core and Strides

Team Workout: A little progression or Oregon Drills- gonna be a good workout and we will update you where we are going to meet up.

Day off!  Put those feet up.  We increased the intensity and the distance this week so be patient with yourself

Saturday/ Sunday:
Longest run or activity of the week.  Long Run this week 45 to 80 minutes.  Also, one day this weekend cross train!  Go for a long hike and drink a lot of water.