XC Info

You will receive a Varsity letter for Cross Country the following ways:

1) Run as a member of the Varsity Team in a Cross Country race during the season

2) Participate in Cross Country for 4 years, competing only in JV races

3) Be asked to become a team captain


1) All athletes will ride the bus to the competition (This is a rule for all athletes at Sisters High School)

2) You are allowed to ride home with your parents.  If you are going to ride home with another adult you must present a note to the athletic office before departure.

3) Parents and guests are not allowed to ride the bus.  You must be a volunteer, hired coach or a student of the Sisters School District to ride the bus

4) You will represent Sisters High School at all times.  That means you will be the kindest, thoughtful, and cleanest individual you can possibly be whenever you are a part of the Sisters High School Cross Country Team.


It is expected all athletes come to all practices and be on-time.  If you are going to miss practice you need to communicate with Josh or Rima before you are absent.  If you miss practice during the week without communicating it will be determined by the coaching staff if you are going to travel.  Excessive unexcused absences from the team (3 or over) are grounds for removal.