Seaside Week:  We leave next Friday @ Noon for Seaside.  Much more information to follow but here is a good start


Northwest Classic:  Let’s put this meet to bed.  We had some nice results, but it is also clear we have a lot of work ahead of us.  Let’s embrace and enjoy this work, bring a lunch pail mentality to practice each day.  Let’s be ready to work.

Weekly Schedule

Monday: Easy Long Run 40 to 80 minutes, Strides, Core, Stretch (MR)

Tuesday: Blended workout between edginton, pole creek road and mckenzie highway.  Working on Long Tempo Pace, Medium distance race pace and beyond race pace for a short period (I will explain) (MR)

Wednesday @ 7:30 AM:  Morning Practice- Easy Run 40 to 60, Strides, Core, Stretch (No Afternoon run)

Thursday: Hard Workout probably using some hills (NMR)

Friday: Morning Run on your own if you can on your own.  We have trouble getting a run in on these days

Saturday: Three Course Challenge @ Camp Rilea

Sunday: off day

P.S. Your tree has been discovered FYI


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