Training Plan
Week of 7/14/19:

We turn our focus to getting stronger in this phase.  Run hills whenever possible, don’t worry about pace.  Hills make us strong.  Focus on getting your body strong simply, push-ups, plank, side plank, pull-ups, leg raises.  We don’t need to get crazy do simple exercises to gain active strength.  

When in doubt just go run, bike, hike or swim


  1. Return to the Hills just longer.  Focus on a steep hill on dirt that will take you 90 second to 120 seconds to run up.  Suggested places up on pole creek or way up past the creek on edgington.  6 to 10 hill repeats running up hard and easy jog down.  Get in a good 20 minute warmup and cool down.
  2. Long intervals 2-4 by 2000 at critical velocity pace/ tempo.  These intervals are not all out but a tempo or faster pace you can sustain for 2000 meter/ 5 laps or 7:00.  If you are dying this is not the goal.  A pace you can sustain but faster is the goal. 15 minute easy warm up, drill and stride and 15 minute cool down.
  3.  Easy efforts for the week should stay under 60 minutes per run, try to get on the hills during these runs as well
  4. Long run of 100 minute or 11 miles whichever comes first.

    This is when training starts to get tough and hard to stay focused.  You can do it!  Stick with it~ 


Use this link to get your training paces:

Training Paces

Please give yourself a rest day or two rest days between each workout.


Remember if you want to host a training run this summer.  Call or text a coach and we will put out a team text message.


August 19th:  First Day of Practice

August 21st to 23rd:  Team Camp at Ulitimook in Tillamook, Or.  Departure time 7:00 AM on the 21st



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