Welcome to Cross Country 2020: 
In the next week we will begin posting workouts.  The goal of these workouts is to have a focus and have fun!  As I have talked to many of you already, we do not need to be slaves to the watch/ pace this summer.  In this phase, it is all about running consistently and building neurological pathways along with muscular and nervous system response. 
I can assure you there is no difference in running a 7:05 vs a 7:35 mile in this phase of training.  This phase is all about consistent running.  Trying to reach 60 runs/ cross training workouts or 500 miles, whichever works for you.
Start this week just being consistent and getting your feet moving.  Start with a 3 minute walk and 2 minute run for 20 to 30 minutes.  
Those of you that have been running.  This is the time to keep going, if you can run and get the habit, this will serve you the rest of your days!
Those of you on the break from track, please do what you need to do to maintain sanity, but take days off, go for a hike, bike ride or do some push ups, but stay off your feet.
Honestly, we don’t know what the next school year, next season or even our own cross country camp is going to look like.  As much as we are struggling not seeing each other officially, we are still going to have to follow guidelines from the state and school district. 
Training with other on your own is a decision you have to make with your family.  We all know about the COVID virus.  Basically, if you feel comfortable, go for a run with your teammates.  Be together, being social and connected is important for our mental health.
As summer goes on we will know more.  My guess is if we are going to have a team camp, we will have it after August 20th and before school starts.  We may also have to do a smaller trip over a weekend once school starts, if conditions deem this appropriate.
I will post the link to the schedule on athletic.net below, we are leaning towards Seaside again this year.  This schedule is very open to change, specifically the Warner Pacific Meet in October.  We may also add a meet before the first meet at Lane at Sweet Home.  This maybe the District Championship course this year.  



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