July 20, 2020

Through a framework of the Cross Country season, this is the time in which we focus on what we can control.  As the world may feel different or even unrecognizable to where we were last season.  We, as individuals, simply need to focus on what we can control.  We can control our choices.  Make these choices as simple as possible, endurance athletes talk about living simple or like a monk/nun.  One thing that is always promised, is whenever you think something is permanent it will change and what you think you can control usually turns out to be out of your control.  

This situation regarding our competitive season is really out of our control.  We can all speculate, but we will pass on information as we have it.  We exercise because it is good for us and while we have chosen the hardest sport we can all think of, we do it because we love it.  The thing we can control is staying together and radiating kindness and love towards others and our teammates.  



Tuesday: Girls Night Out @ Village Green

Wednesday: Boys Night Out @ Village Green

Thursday: Team Workout- more info to come, but plan on 7:00

2020 Race SCHEDULE


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