Training Plan Week of 1/11/21:

1) Wednesday @ 3:30 we will have a meet up at the track to do notecards and a strength workout.

2) We are still under a mask restriction.  We must wear a mask during all outdoor practices.  Including while running.  If you run on your own you do not need to wear a mask

3) If the weather is terrible we can push our strength work back to Thursday.  I will send out information on Remind

*Use the pace calculator attached to determine paces this week.

Monday 1-4-21:
Option 1: 3 miles today easy
Option 2: 50 to 60 minutes easy run with core and strides

Tuesday: Tempo Run- Stay at Tempo Pace Please (Flat) Suggested Meet up time 3:00 @ Track
Option 1: 1 mile warm up easy pace.  1 mile at Tempo Pace.  ½ mile at easy pace. ½ mile at Tempo pace. ½ mile cool down
Option 2: 20 minute warm up, 6 x strides, ½ mile build to tempo pace, 2 miles Tempo, than ½ mile easy, 1 mile tempo, 20 minutes easy.  Do not get antsy here.  A solid tempo pace not race pace.  This should not feel like a race.

Wednesday: Run on your own, Strength @ 3:30 at the track with mask on
Option 1: 30-minute walk, bike, ski try to get out and move.  This is a recovery day
Option 2: 40 to 60  minutes easy, this is a recovery run
*Strength work

Thursday:  (suggested time 3:00 @ Willow Creek Preserve) Find a route that was hilly
Option 1: 2 loops around the Willow Creek Preserve trail
Option 2:  3 loops around the Willow Creek Preserve. Choose 3 hills on the loop, run Tempo up the hill on the top go back down and do it again.  Do this on each loop.  Between the hill ups the pace is easy.

Option 1: 30-minute walk, bike, ski try to get out and move.  This is a recovery day
Option 2: 40 to 60 minutes easy, this is a recovery run

Saturday/ Sunday:
Option 1:  Day 1- day off, Day 2- TEMPO- One mile easy, then 2 miles of 1 minute Tempo running and 3 minutes easy, try to do the easy without stopping

Option 2: Take one day off and on the second day of the weekend easy 60 to 90 minutes.  If it is cold out, the trails should firm up.


OUTLAW 1000 Mile Challenge



WE HAVE DONE IT! CONGRATS!!! GREAT JOB EVERYONE! If you haven’t updated we will let you get caught up today!!!!!

This Holiday Season we invite you to take part in the Outlaw 1000 Mile Challenge.  Rather than rewarding ourselves, the Sisters Outlaws Cross Country Team with the support of the Peterson Ridge Rumble will donate $0.10 per mile to a local charity or cause of the athletes choice. 

We want all who are interested to join in the fun.  Simply, click the link and log your miles.  We want to continue to create community and use the gift of running, biking, skiing, swimming, paddling and even Zwift to support our local community.

The Outlaws 1000 Mile Challenge Runs from Saturday 12-19-20 to 1-3-21.  The link here and it is also above: OUTLAW 1000 MILE CHALLENGE. Let’s run 1000 miles together.


Christmas Day 5k Supporting Harmony Farms

Outlaws Training Plan
Week of 12/21/20



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Support the Peterson Ridge Rumble every April and you support the Sisters Outlaws!